Department of Computer Science Report Series A
Report A/2003/1

Pekka Kilpeläinen, Niina Päivinen (Eds.)

Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools

SPLST'03, Kuopio, Finland, June 17 - 18, 2003

University of Kuopio, Department of Computer Science

Kuopio, June 2003

ACM CCS classification (1998): A.0, D.1, D.2, D.3, D.4

ISBN 951-781-265-5
ISSN 1795-9195 (online version)
ISSN 0787-6416 (printed version)

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This volume contains the full papers presented at the Eighth Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools, SPLST'03, held June 17 - 18, 2003, in Kuopio, Finland. The papers were selected by the program committee out of 25 which were submitted as a response to the call of papers. In addition, an invited talk was given by Prof. Martti Penttonen on the topic "How to program a parallel computer?", and two submitted papers were included in the program as short presentations.

The objective of the Fenno-Ugric Symposium on Programming Languages and Software Tools is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research and development by software scientists. The SPLST series of conferences arose in 1989 from the cooperation of Finnish and Hungarian universities. Since then the symposium has been organized every two years, with participants coming from various institutes and universities of Estonia, Finland and Hungary.

Pekka Kilpeläinen, Niina Päivinen
Proceedings editors

Reviewers (Program Committee)

Gyula Csopaki Technical University Budapest, Hungary
Tibor Gyimóthy University of Szeged, Hungary
Zoltán Horváth Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
Pekka Kilpeläinen (chair) University of Kuopio, Finland
Kai Koskimies Tampere University of Technology, Finland
László Kozma Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
Jukka Paakki University of Helsinki, Finland
Jaan Penjam Tallin University of Technology, Estonia
Martti Penttonen University of Kuopio, Finland
Markku Sakkinen University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Mati Tombak University of Tartu, Estonia
Esko Ukkonen University of Helsinki, Finland

Assisting Reviewers

Antal Wu Hen Chang Technical University Budapest, Hungary
Le Viet Dung Technical University Budapest, Hungary
Gabor Kovács Technical University Budapest, Hungary
Tamás Kozsik Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
Tibor Szabó Technical University Budapest, Hungary

Organizing Committee

Virpi Kasurinen Conference chair
Niina Päivinen Secretary, papers
Risto Honkanen Secretary, arrangements


City of Kuopio

We acknowledge the use of the Springer LLNCS LaTeX style, which was used for producing the layout of these proceedings.

Table of Contents

The titles below act as links to the PDF versions of the papers. Please notice that because of production problems the layout and numbering of the pages in the PDF versions differ slightly from the printed proceedings.

Invited talk: How to Program a Parallel Computer? 1
Martti Penttonen
The Effect of Non-execution and Part Task Result Integration in Distributed Data-intensive Computing Systems 2
András Benczúr, Antal Buza
Systolic Routing in Sparse Optical Torus 14
Risto Honkanen
Synthesis of Distributed Programs 21
Vahur Kotkas
On Typechecking B 34
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
Opening Up The C/C++ Preprocessor Black Box 45
László Vidács, Árpád Beszédes
RITA Environment for Testing Framework-based Software Product Lines 58
Raine Kauppinen, Juha Taina
Set Operations for the Unified Modeling Language 70
Petri Selonen
Domain-Specific Language Agents 82
Merik Meriste, Tõnis Kelder, Jüri Helekivi, Leo Motus
How to Draw a Sequence Diagram 91
Timo Poranen, Erkki Mäkinen, Jyrki Nummenmaa
User's Functions in Standard Prolog 103
Tibor Ásványi
Proving Invariants of Functional Programs 115
Zoltán Horváth, Tamás Kozsik, Máté Tejfel
Clean-CORBA Interface for Parallel Functional Programming on Clusters 127
Zoltán Horváth, Zoltán Varga, Viktória Zsók
Compacting XML Documents 137
Miklós Kálmán, Ferenc Havasi, Tibor Gyimóthy
A Clustering Algorithm for Logfile Data Sets 152
Risto Vaarandi
Regular Expressions with Numerical Occurrence Indicators---preliminary results 163
Pekka Kilpeläinen, Rauno Tuhkanen
An architecture for building collaborative tools in Java 174
YC Nuckchady, J Nummenmaa
Secure SMS messaging using Quasigroup encryption and Java SMS API 187
Marko Hassinen, Smile Markovski

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